Our goal is to keep your dogs safe


We started the company Happy Pooch, because we saw there was a big gap in the market for products which cared about keeping dogs safe, while travelling in vehicles.

We bought a new puppy who was very scared to travel in the car, every time we got the car keys he would run away and then when we did manage to get him in there and take him for a drive, he would be car sick. He would feel happier and less anxious when he was sitting on someone’s lap and could see out the window. We decided we would purchase him a dog booster seat, so he could sit in his seat and look out the window. After doing intensive research we discovered that these were very limited in the Australian market and the ones available were generally imported from USA, making them very costly.  We also found that there was nothing suitable for two dogs or anything large enough so that he could lay down or relax comfortably after a long walk.

We arranged to get a dog car seat made especially to our needs and found that our little dog Panda absolutely loved it! He’s the one in all the photos, the black and white, shitzu/maltese. When travelling he didn’t get sick or anxious anymore and now every time we rattle the keys, he’s there looking at us, waiting and wanting to go out in the car! He is securely fastened in and we know we can have the window down and he can hang his head out and we have no fear of him climbing out. It helps keep our car clean and we know that should heavens forbid, we have an accident we know that our little precious puppy will be safe and secure in his own car seat.

With such success and discussions with friends about the dog car seat we decided that there was a definite need in the Australian market for such a product. After getting such positive feedback from our customers, we decided to extend our range and now supply strong, safety tested dog car harnesses.  With supplying these, we are not only helping keep safe little dogs, but big dogs as well.

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