Large Dog Car Seat


    The large dog car seat is ideal for one or two dogs weighing up to a total of 14kgs ( 30lbs ). This seat helps to prevent car sickness and anxiety in dogs.  Dogs love being able to have their own space in the car, along with feeling safe and secure at the same time. Choose from three colours, black and brown, khaki and brown and black and orange.

    Unfortunately, our black and brown and black and orange dog car seats are out of stock, but we will have new colours arriving in June 2019.  Purchase a khaki and brown dog car seat now, at the discounted rate!

    10% Discount on khaki & brown and black & orange dog car seats! $8.50 off any dog car harness, with purchase of dog car seat.


    Collapsed:   55cm L x 45cm W x 7cm H
    ( 21 ” L x 18″ W x 2″ H )

    Erected:     50cm L x 40cm W x 25cm H
    ( 20″ L x 15″ W x 10″ H )