“Thanks my little dog loves his new booster car seat.”

Cheryl / TAS

“It’s an absolute delight to be dealing with such an honest, reliable seller.”

Thomas / NSW

“I just bought one last week and its great. Its times better than I thought, its very stable and very good quality. Louie loved it”

Vera / VIC

“The large dog booster car seat is fantastic for our 2 chihuahua’s, they felt comfortable and at home in it!”

Siala / WA

“We are very happy with your car seats and certainly spread the word at our doggy daycare.”

Nocile / ACT

“Awesome product, good communication and fast delivery. I am very happy with my item.”

Mark / NSW

“Thanks for fast delivery and an amazing item, my little daisy thinks its fab.”

Shirley / NT

”Fantastic quality dog car seats, this is the third I have purchased now, they are awesome!!!”

Tanya / WA

“Just a quick note to say thank you for the car seat, it is perfect. Really happy with this purchase.”

Melissa / SA

“Fabulous item – very happy with my purchase of the dog car seat – Miss Milly loves it.”

Shayna / TAS

“WOW it was here in a flash and such a great item, I love this large booster seat for the dog.”

Sue / VIC

“Thanks for the dog seat, my dog sat up in it for the whole 2hr.45min trip and loved it.”

Jill / VIC

“Our car seat arrived on Friday, Charlie our doggy has already been out in it, it’s fabulous. Thanks so much for posting it off to us so quickly.”

Lucy / VIC

”Very fast delivery for my dog car seat and new harness. Both great quality at a good price. Can’t fault them and my dog loves them both.”

Mason / NSW

“OMG! It’s perfect, I just love the large dog booster seat you sent me. The quality far exceeded my expectations, thanks so very much.”

Judy / NSW

“Lila loves her seat and she is now safe from her fur siblings stepping on her. Sits up there like the princess she is! Great product thank you so much! ”

Lisa / WA

“Thank you on behalf of my dog Gilbert. He absolutely loves his new car seat and he feels much safer when he is going on car trips.”

Karen / SA

“We received the dog car seat yesterday, installed it and used it last night. Our dog loves it. We will be recommending it to everyone. Thank you for everything.”

Shane / QLD

“Very happy to support such a great product. Dougal my Cavoodle loves to go in the car and has the best view from his little seat. This second dog car seat is for Digby, Dougal’s new little brother he is a toy Cavoodle.”

Daniel / WA

I decided to purchase the seat because from what I could see it was the best quality for money available, and I wasn’t let down, it is even better than I hoped! So thank you.”

Christine / WA

“Tk you very much, just picked up dog booster seats and are sooooooo happy with them. Tks so much for the excellent service and backup service you gave to me. Truly happy with everything.”

Noelene / VIC

“We love the booster seat we are so happy with it . We have 2 dogs and they are fighting over it! We got it as our cavoodle was shocking in the car. Booster seat has cured this! Therefore getting our Spoodle her own now! Thanks again”

Marilyn / QLD

“I received the dog car seat yesterday, installed it and I think it’s going to be very good. So, thank you very much. It’s very well made and looks good, and more to the point, I think Harry likes it!”

Judy / QLD

“Thank you so much I received the seat on Friday great service and super quick delivery so happy with it. Picked Jaxon up on Tuesday the seat made the 5 hour trip back from Kuri Kuri to Coffs so much easier the breeder Tracey was very impressed with the seat.”

Christine / VIC

“The car seat is fabulous. My little Fox is only 2kg. Travelling any distance in the car she usually pukes. Not nice for her – not nice for me, and therefore she really hasn’t enjoyed it. But now it’s very different. She loves being able to see around her, and she has fallen asleep with her head on the rim (I put a cushion in it). So thank you very much, it’s a great product.”

Carol / NSW

“The girls love there car seat!! I have a mini cooper so they have views all around now, popped in a cushion. Perfect thank you so much, absolute pleasure to do business with you. I have passed on your web link, I think every pooch should have one your carriers A+ quality.”

Carole / ACT

“I received the new carseat and tried it out the other evening, it was great! The dogs really like it and seem happier in it. My dogs really hate the car and tend to whimper and shake for the whole trip, but in the seat one curled up and went to sleep and the other happily sat there and barked at people out the window.”

Imrie / NSW

“My Dachshund, Dash, just loves her car booster car seat. It is so fantastic for her. Dash now enjoy the school pick up, she can see out the window and is sitting beside the boys in the back seat. Over the weekend we took her out for lunch with us and we used the portable mat, it was just fantastic. She sat on it under the table munching on her vegan pigs ear and she was a delight and not a nuisance for the other patrons. Thank you. Cheers.”

Mary / WA

“I received the dog car seat yesterday and installed it in the car. I took Molly into town with me today – she was shaking worse than ever when we set off – but it was a new experience for her. She wasn’t sick, and by the time we were coming home, I think she realized she could see out the window, and was a bit more relaxed. It was only about a 10 minute round trip, but we will venture further next time.”

Barbara / NSW

“We have been really happy with the previous dog car seat which we use for our Papillon Zoe who hates travelling in the car unless she can see out of the window. We’ve found that the large seat is great because she can stretch out and fall asleep in it (especially after we’ve had a trip to the beach). Last weekend we got a second Papillon (a four month old puppy) and while they could share the original car seat, I thought they would both be more comfortable with a seat each. I did try another brand of dog seat before getting the one from you but found it didn’t remain level. I really like the stability and durability of the seat that you sold us.”

Lynette / SA

“I’ve just received my parcel, thanks so much for your prompt dispatch. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of your dog car booster seat. I have to admit, I was expecting something of far lesser quality. In my experience, it’s been a rare occasion, to have received an item purchased online that by far exceeded my expectations. Upon opening my parcel, all I could say was WOW! I was blown away by the quality of the booster seats construction. Your listing mentions that the booster seat is collapsible, which it is, making it handy to pack away however there was no mention of the seat being reinforced with a metal inner frame and it’s solid timber base. So you could imagine my delight to discover these features. Before it arrived I was picturing a booster seat that I was going to have to support or reinforce in some way to ensure the safety of my puppy. It’s now clear to see I no longer have that worry. I truly appreciate the care and consideration you have shown in producing such a high end quality product.”

Kay / NSW

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