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FREE Dog Seat Belt Harness Loop
(excludes xsmall harness, see notes below re free loop and easy walk harness)

Looking after your dog is very important, not only at home, but when you are out walking or travelling.  This dog car harness, which doubles as an easy walk harness, is invaluable in keeping your dog safely restrained in the car and can be helpful in keeping your dog under control when walking.

It is compulsory for humans to be restrained for safety purposes, so why not restrain your four legged friend with a dog car harness and make sure he is safe, as well!  In some states in Australia it is illegal, not to have your pet restrained and you can be fined heavily, so avoid this by purchasing a dog car harness, easy walk harness today.

This dual dog car harness cannot only be used in your vehicle, but for walking your dog as well. Being an easy walk harness, means that it has two attachment points, one clip on the top of the easy walk harness and another front clip under the neck of the easy walk harness making it easier to control your dog. The easy walk harness is ideal for larger dogs which pull a lot when walking. The dog car harness, easy walk harness has strong metal parts, is very thickly padded and has been safety tested in a crash situation making it one of the strongest and best harnesses in the marketplace.

The dog car harness, easy walk harness comes with a FREE dog seat belt harness loop. Using the dog car harness will the dog seat belt harness loop will keep your dog safe and restrained, but still giving them enough movement to sit, lay down, turn around or look out the window. The dog car harness can also be used by just sliding the seat belt through the top middle part of the strap, which lays on top of the dog car harness, easy walk harness.

Check out all the great features of the dog car harness, easy walk harness:

  • Dual harness, dog car harness and easy walk harness, can be used in the car and for walking
  • Safety tested in crash test situation, ideal for dog car harness
  • Sturdy stitching was used in making dog car harness
  • 5 point adjustment for a perfect fit
  • Broad chest plate, padded for comfort and extra strength
  • Strong metal parts, 2 metal attachment rings and 4 metal adjustments
  • Choice of 2 body length adjustments for accurate body fit
  • Non-slip adjustment clips, essential for easy walk harness
  • Dog seat belt harness loop can be used as emergency leash
  • 2 point clip attachments, one on the back and another front clip for easy walk harness

No need to purchase anything further.

Purchase a dog car harness today and feel secure in the knowledge you are safely protecting your pet from harm’s way and saving yourself, from receiving any unexpected fines, by using the dog car harness!

As an added bonus, know that the easy walk harness makes life easier, walking with your dog, giving that no pull action.

Please note: (For xsmall dog car harness only)

  1. The dog seat belt harness loop is not supplied with the xsmall dog car harness, as the dog is so small it would not be suitable. To keep your puppy safe you are better off purchasing a booster dog car seat and securing your doggie in here.
  2. The xsmall dog car harness is not an easy walk harness as dogs this size, do not pull enough for this clip to ever be used, or be necessary.
  3.  Xsmall harness suitable for chihuahua size dogs, or smaller only.

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