Dog Car Seat

This is large dog car seat is suitable for one or two small dogs weighing up to 14kgs (30lbs).

Imagine your dog being able to view everything from their own dog car seat, a place where they can sit or lay down in comfort. Not only will this help your dog feel comfortable but also assist you by helping keep your car clean. Using a dog car seat for your pet will help keep dog hairs and dirt confined to one area of the car, thus saving time, effort and energy cleaning the car seats regularly.

Using the dog car seat will keep your pet safe and securely fastened, should you have to slam on your brakes suddenly, you will not have to worry about them slipping or falling off the seat.  Having a dog car seat will also prevent you from receiving any fines.

The dog car seat, will help prevent dog car sickness and help calm down anxious or worried dogs.

The large dog car seat comes in two great colours, black and grey and grey.

With measurements of 50cmL x 40cmW x 25cmH, it is one of the largest booster dog car seats in the Australian market today, making it perfect for comfort for any small dog from chihuahuas, toy poodles, cocker spaniels, french bullldogs, minature schnauzers, dachshunds, or any other dogs weighing up to 14kgs.  If you have two small dogs and their combined weight is no more than 14kgs combined, you can purchase one large dog car seat and both of them can travel in it!

Check out what makes our dog car seats special?

  • The dog car seat can collapse for easy storage and mobility to transfer from one vehicle to another.
  • It has one large and one smaller zipper pocket for leashes, maps, dog bags, incidentals, etc…   everything you need for travelling with your favourite four legged friend.
  • The dog car seat also has one large open pocket and a large bottle holder on the left hand side, for drinks on the go after a long walk.
  • The dog car seat has a removable and washable inner padded lining, for comfort and convenience after fun outdoor walks or swims.
  • There is also a separate inner liner in the dog car seat, which can be easily turned over for those wet dirty days.
  • There are two adjustable straps fitted on the dog car seat, for easy setup and height adjustment for any size vehicle.  Both straps can be attached over the head rest or one can go over the headrest and the other adjusted around the seat.
  • There is two adjustable holding straps inside the dog car seat for securing your dog/s in safely, so you don’t have to worry about them jumping out an open window.  If you have only one dog, you can attach them to the strap furthest from the window, to stop them jumping up and damaging your upholestery.
  • The dog car seat helps to calm dogs down, making anxious dogs happier by having a seat and space of their own.
  • Should you have a dog prone to car sickness, the dog car seat will help prevent motion sickness, by enabling your pet to see where they’re going and be at the right height for fresh air should you choose to have the window open.
  • When attached in the car, the dog car seat is elevated off the seat, allowing room for storage underneath it and helps keep the car clean from dust, dirt and dog hairs.

All seats have a tough. sturdy metal frame, wooden base, wide nylon straps and strong metal clips.

Whether you are just cruising down the road for a loaf of bread, or travelling away for a holiday, this dog car seat is a must for anyone who loves their small dog/s and wants to keep them safe and secure in the car.

It is strongly recommended that your dog/s use a dog harness with the seat, for extra safety.

There are so many positives from using a dog car seat, so don’t delay, purchase one today.

QUICK TIP – when going to the beach, line the dog car seat with a large beach towel and then when you get home, just take the towel out, shake the sand away and wash it.  This way your dog car seat will still be clean and ready for the next trip.  This will save you removing the liner and washing it.

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Large Size

Holds dogs up to 14kgs – (30lbs)

Size: 50cm(L) x 40cm(W) x 25cm(H)

(20″L x 15″W x 10″H)

Happy Pooch Dog Car Seat